Encouraging the practice of this innovative physical activity, Otelair Ltée proposes their services as rock climbing instructor and artificial climbing wall construction.

Open to all, rock climbing develops and enhances physical, mental, social and emotional skills of each and every one. Climbing brings individual growth while being entertaining and fun. Several climbing programs can be organised, namely: open sessions, staff leadership development, parent/child, student, extracurricular.

Climbing benefits:
   1. Physical skills: endurance, flexibility, muscular strength, coordination development
   2. Social skills: communication, leadership, cooperation v/s competition
   3. Emotional skills: courage, willpower, self-confidence, patience


Some climbing wall built by/or with the participation of Otelair Ltée (from 2005 up to now):
Temporary walls:
Youth and Sport Fair (Freeport)
Youth and Sport Fair (Freeport)
Go Sport (Phoenix les Halles)
Phoenix les Halles
Pepsi beach tour (Choisy beach)
Mountain dew / Pepsi lemonade tour (on the parking of: Lolo supermarket, Jumbo Richeterre, Jumbo Phoenix,
      Phoenix les Halles, Shoprite)
Shanti Ananda Hotel

Permanent walls:
Bagatelle (2012 - Mauritius)
under supervision of Entre-Prises (2011 France)

As an educational and entertaining activity, you may consider renting or building a climbing wall at your facility: school, hotel, company, expo, entertaining event,…

Otelair Ltée offers the following services:
Construction (study case, proposal, installation)
Training of staff

Our partner's website:

(230) 5251 6680

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